AmeyaPawar - Alderman - 47th Ward - Chicago

Dear Neighbor-

Working families in Illinois are struggling to find good-paying jobs and make ends meet. Public schools are drastically underfunded. Rising college costs and student debt are turning the promise of higher education into an insurmountable burden. Manufacturing and farm jobs are being mechanized and outsourced. But instead of investing in communities, supporting job creation that gives every family a shot at the middle class, and strengthening our social safety net, Governor Rauner and his corporate friends are on a mission to cut wages and benefits for working people.

Illinois families cannot afford another four years of Bruce Rauner.

I am running for governor to forge a New Deal for Illinois. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal took our country out of the depths of depression and laid the foundation for subsequent decades of growth and prosperity. We can do the same thing right here in Illinois by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, reinvesting in good-paying jobs, and recommitting our state to early childhood education and public schools. And we can do it without further burdening the middle class with inequitable tax increases.

Join me in sending a clear message to Governor Rauner that he can no longer pit us against one another— using Illinois workers as scapegoats for his leadership failures. Now is the time for progress, not blame. Now is the time for a New Deal.

This campaign won’t be easy. Our opponents will try to divide us, and they will certainly outspend us. But we are a movement of working people, so I promise you that they will not outwork us.

If you’re ready for a New Deal for Illinois, now is the time, to grab a clipboard, to lace up our boots, and to work together to restore progressive values to the Governor’s mansion in 2018.

Signature Ameya Pawar

A New Deal for Illinois

  • Increase funding to all public schools by eliminating corporate tax loopholes and make millionaires pay their fair share
  • Create tens of thousands of new middle-class jobs with New Deal Infrastructure Program
  • Expand the Illinois MAP grant program and launch a state program to refinance student loans
  • Provide universal access to childcare
  • Support working families with paid sick leave, fair scheduling practices, parental leave, and a living wage
  • Pass criminal justice reform and refocus resources from prisons to diversion programs, job training and placement, and social and mental health services
  • Partner with local chambers of commerce and small businesses to drive economic development and create new jobs across Illinois.